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Where do I begin...

I guess pretty much near the beginning.

Chicago. South Side.

I've been tickling the ivories for some time now. Always had a thing for the blues.

Studied with the famous Art Hodes for some years in my youth, and that pretty much "sealed the deal".

Since that time I've pounded pianos in so many venues: Gin joints, Clubs, Blues Fests - wherever, whenever...

I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some truly great musicians - Lil Ed Williams, Lurie Bell,  Dave Weld, Ted Harvey, Son Seals, Vernon Rogers and his lovely wife Gloria Thompson Rogers.  I'm sure I've left a lot of folks out but so it goes.

I still enjoy the blues scene but have also taken an interest in my solo career; not simply Muddy, Ray, Wolf or B.B., but also Mac Rebannack, Bill Payne, Mose, Hoagy, Cole and Thelonious.

It just keeps getting better.

Thanks for visiting, lets stay in touch.


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